Growing the Space Economy Together

Tracsis Geo Intelligence (with Compass Informatics) is thrilled to be participating in the landmark “Scotland & Ireland Space Event: Growing the Space Economy Together” taking place at University College Dublin on February 29th.

This inaugural event, co-hosted by the Scottish Government in Ireland, UCD, and the University of Strathclyde, presents a unique opportunity to collaborate with leading stakeholders in the space sector across both nations.

The focus?

Harnessing the power of space technology to address critical challenges, including Net Zero emissions and the development of disruptive technologies.

Through collaborative efforts between industry, academia, and government, we can unlock the immense potential of the space economy and forge a path towards a more sustainable future.

Why is growing the space economy important?

  • Shared learnings: Exploring the unique journeys of both the Scottish and Irish space sectors, we can gain valuable insights and identify areas for synergy.
  • Net Zero solutions: Discussing how space technology can contribute to achieving Net Zero ambitions through innovation and collaboration.
  • Enabling environment: Identifying key factors necessary to foster further growth and development within the space economies of Scotland and Ireland.
  • Networking and collaboration: Building strong relationships and expanding existing networks to drive future partnerships and advancements.

Stellar line-up of speakers:

  • Government ministers: Christina McKelvie MSP (Scottish Minister for Culture, Europe & International Development) and Neale Richmond TD (Irish Minister of State for Business, Employment & Retail) will deliver opening keynotes.
  • Space enterprises, organisations, and researchers: Leading figures from both countries will share their expertise and insights.


Tracsis Geo Intelligence is committed to playing a pivotal role in the growth of the space economy. We believe in the transformative power of space technology and are excited to contribute to collaborative initiatives like this event.

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