Icon Geo Rebrands to Tracsis Geo Intelligence

Tracsis Geo Intelligence has come with a renewed focus within the Earth Observation and Sustainability space.

The need for reliable and actionable geospatial intelligence has never been more crucial.

As organisations worldwide seek to optimise operations, mitigate risks, and drive sustainability, Earth Observation (EO) emerges as a transformative technology, offering a wealth of insights and opportunities.

To address this growing demand, Icon Geo, a pioneer in geospatial solutions, is rebranding as Tracsis Geo Intelligence. This new identity reflects the company’s heightened focus on Earth Observation and Sustainability within the UK market.

Tracsis Geo Intelligence, as a sister company of Compass Informatics, leverages the expertise and experience of its sister organisation to deliver a comprehensive suite of geospatial solutions.

While Compass Informatics specialises in a broader range of services, Tracsis Geo Intelligence concentrates its efforts on EO and sustainability, particularly within the UK.



The Power of Earth Observation

Earth Observation plays a pivotal role in addressing pressing global challenges, from resource management and environmental protection to climate change adaptation and disaster preparedness.

Tracsis Geo Intelligence, with its deep understanding of EO technologies, empowers organisations to harness the power of satellite imagery and other geospatial data to gain valuable insights into the Earth’s systems and processes.

By monitoring environmental conditions, assessing the impact of human activities, and optimising resource management strategies, Tracsis Geo Intelligence enables its clients to make informed decisions that contribute to a more sustainable future.



Tracsis Geo Intelligence Championing Sustainability in the UK Market

The UK, with its strong commitment to environmental stewardship and its growing focus on sustainability, presents a fertile ground for TGI’s expertise.

The company’s solutions are tailored to address the specific needs of organisations operating in various sectors, including transportation and infrastructure.

By providing businesses with the tools to optimise resource utilisation, reduce their environmental footprint, and adapt to the impacts of climate change, Tracsis Geo Intelligence is helping to shape a more sustainable future for the UK.


Part of the Tracsis Group: A Collaborative Approach to Geospatial Solutions

As a member of the Tracsis Group, a global leader in innovative transportation and logistics solutions, Tracsis Geo Intelligence benefits from a wealth of resources and expertise.

This collaborative approach allows the company to leverage the strengths of its sister organisations to deliver comprehensive and integrated solutions that meet the diverse needs of its clients.

The rebranding of Icon Geo to Tracsis Geo Intelligence marks a significant milestone in the company’s evolution.

Tracsis is a leading provider of software, hardware, data analytics/GIS and services for the rail, traffic data and wider transport industries.

About TGI

Tracsis Geo Intelligence, a sister company of Compass Informatics, emerges with a sharpened focus on Earth Observation, Sustainability, and the UK Market.

Building upon the expertise and experience of Compass Informatics, Tracsis Geo Intelligence offers a comprehensive suite of geospatial solutions.

Compass Informatics is a leading provider of geospatial solutions, specialising in the application of GIS, IT, and mobile technologies across various sectors, including transportation, environment and natural resources.

Tracsis Geo Intelligence and Compass Informatics are both part of the Tracsis Group.

To learn more, please contact our team at contact@tracsis-geointelligence.com.