Citi Logik – People & Vehicle Movement Analysis

Through its co-working with Citi Logik over a number of years, Tracsis Geo Intelligence built knowledge and expertise in the generation of demand insights and predictive analytics derived from anonymised mobile phone network data in compliance with  data privacy laws and EU regulations including GDPR.

Demand Activity Analysis for Smart Cities

Working with Citi Logik, we assisted in the development of new ways of identifying and analysing demand activity, which we apply to complex spatial challenges in the sectors of Transport, Intelligent Mobility, Smarter Cities, Retail & Advertising, and the Built Environment. The company has extensive and proven experience in gathering, organising, fusing and publishing complex data sets, and providing analytical insight.

Cloud Based Platform Development

Tracsis Geo Intelligence contributed to the development for Citi Logik of a Cloud-based platform and the technology necessary for the wider scale use of anonymised network data within the cities and the regions. This complements our historic data analysis services.

  • Analysis of Network data:  Fully analysed and aggregated historic data on a project by project basis to engineering consultancies, cities, airports and others.
  •  Real Time Services:  Following advanced trials of real time network data, the Citi Analytics and Rail Analytics Cloud platforms provide a combination of real time and historic data to monitor traffic flows across a city including predictive capabilities.  All accessible through a web portal.
  •  Gateway Services: Privacy compliant Data Gateway Services for interested parties/vendors, delivered and enabled through the AWS environment.

We are making a substantial contribution to the development of smarter cities globally, and have delivered evidence and insights to support the building of bridges, new motorways, stations, interchanges, retail outlets and outdoor media.