TransCityRail South 2024

Tracsis Geo Intelligence is proud to be a part of the conversation at TransCityRail South today, happening live at Twickenham Stadium!

This essential industry event brings together key decision-makers, industry leaders, and innovators from across the UK transport sector to discuss collaboration, cutting-edge solutions, and the future of rail infrastructure.


What is TransCityRail South?

TransCityRail South is a unique conference and exhibition that fosters connections between businesses and key decision-makers in the UK rail industry.

This includes representatives from Network Rail, Transport for London (TfL), HS2, Train Operating Companies (TOCs), and major contractors responsible for projects like:

  • East West Rail

A flagship project aiming to create a new east-west railway connecting Oxford, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Cambridge, and Norwich.

  • HS2

The UK’s high-speed railway network, with Phase 1 set to connect London to Birmingham and Phase 2 extending to Manchester and Leeds.

  • Network Rail Upgrades

Ongoing improvement projects across Network Rail’s vast network in the South of England, encompassing Kent, Sussex, Wessex, HS1, and Western routes, alongside sections of Anglia, East Midlands, West Coast, and Central routes serving London.


Why is EO and Data Analytics Important for UK Transport?

Earth Observation data and advanced data analytics are transforming the way we approach transportation infrastructure.

Tracsis Geo Intelligence utilises these powerful tools to bring significant value to major projects:

Improved Project Efficiency

By analysing Earth Observation data, we gain valuable insights into terrain, land use, and environmental factors for projects like East West Rail and HS2. This allows for optimised infrastructure development, minimising delays & ensuring projects stay on track.

Enhanced Sustainability

Data analytics helps us identify opportunities for more sustainable construction practices, such as reducing waste and minimising environmental impact during Network Rail upgrades across the South.

Optimised Resource Allocation

By analysing data, we can ensure resources are allocated efficiently, leading to cost savings and improved project outcomes across the board.


How Can Tracsis Geo Intelligence Help?

Tracsis Geo Intelligence offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that leverage Earth Observation data and data analytics to make large transport projects more efficient and sustainable.

We can provide expertise in:

  • Site selection and feasibility studies for major rail projects like HS2 and East West Rail.
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIAs), ensuring responsible development across Network Rail’s Southern routes.
  • Construction monitoring and progress tracking using advanced data analytics for projects across the UK.
  • Asset management & maintenance planning to optimise Network Rail’s infrastructure and ensure continued smooth operation.

Connect with Tracsis Geo Intelligence Today!

Phil Baldacchino-Steward, our Commercial Director, is eager to connect with industry counterparts at the Tracsis Geo Intelligence booth!

Don’t miss this opportunity to discuss how Tracsis Geo Intelligence’s innovative solutions using Earth Observation data and data analytics can empower your organisation to build a smarter and more sustainable future for UK transport infrastructure!